Super Dynamite Update: The Gap

Was fortunate enough to get a few minutes with Super Dynamite who was in town to close a huge corporate merger. His manager called and I got a power meeting. I signed a nondisclosure and we drank Singapore Slings. He was also sporting his new streamlined look. Tiny chicks dig tiny guys with scars and missing teeth. It didn’t seem to slow him down when it came to devouring a plate of grub. Someday soon it will be Uncle Dan losing all his teeth.

2 responses to “Super Dynamite Update: The Gap”

  1. LionelB says:

    If we just regrew all our teeth every ten years or so wouldn’t that be great ? Dentists could retrain as jewellers, engravers and fossil-cleaners. “Sorry, I can’t come to your dinner party. I’m teething.”

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