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  1. LionelB says:

    Astonishing and humbling. Also quite terrifying. The two things which struck me most powerfully are first the fact that his principal concern remains trying to figure out what makes humans tick and second that he started out as a dance photographer. Some of the greatest war photographers started off in fashion. Interesting how aesthetic branches out into documentary. And that the Rolleiflex is so effective as a weapon.

  2. Randy says:

    I really appreciated watching this video. The artist, the photog, the subject matter, b&w. Inspiring. 43 yrs old. Hmmm. I see myself doing exactly what he’s doing when i’m 43. Wait a minute, i am 43. I keep coming to this blog, and i keep seeing more and more of what i like. Keeps kicking me and smacking me upside the head to get my projects, ideas, photos out there too. Where d’you come upon this video ? Thanks for sharing Dan.

    • Smogranch says:

      Oddly enough I’m 43. I really, really like this guy and his work. I don’t know him, but he seems pretty grounded and I think his work is beautiful. I also love the way he responded to the guy who told him not to shoot.

  3. Yeah; god, I only saw half of this film (loading problems). “I never ask permition to take photographs”. I tell you that’s how the best work is done. Sometimes or all times you just gotta be an &@$hole. I love it. LOve it!!!

  4. Saw the rest. What can i say? Loved it!!!

    Don’t forget to put on your $@&hole.

  5. Loved the video! Thanks for sharing!

    What I learned from him is to focus on a subject or a story for a longer period. He has been working on his project for over 10 years. I really need such a focus for my own projects.

    • Smogranch says:


      Technology really destroyed the timeline. Photographers not want instant fame and success, so the days of shooting for ten years, for most photographers, are over. This used to be very common, and still is for guys like this, but younger photographers freak out when you mention timelines like this. I saw a show last year where the photographers spent a weekend shooting and called it a “long term” project. I’m not joking.

    • I understand what you mean. My longest long term personal project lasted about three years. I was shooting the daily life of my grandmother and her fight against dementia. She passed away in January. Although I’m not a young photographer anymore, I still want to work for a longer period of time on some of my projects. I’m not freaking out with such timelines 🙂

    • Smogranch says:

      Stories have a natural flow but sometimes the most difficult thing is knowing when you are done. And, sometimes a great story happens rather quickly. You just never know.

  6. LionelB says:

    Kodak have announced they are dropping their film division. I hope that a business which believes in film steps up to the plate.

  7. Well, There’s always HP5

  8. I pulled the directly off of the Illford photo webpage.

    The demand for traditional monochrome films and papers remains strong. With Agfa no longer in the black and white photographic market, and Kodak pulling out of manufacturing black and white papers the future of ILFORD PHOTO products looks good for years to come.

    ILFORD PHOTO has experienced a tumultuous history since its origins in 1879, with ownership of the company changing hands several times. The latest development was the acquisition in February 2005 of its black-and-white photographic business, premises and ILFORD PHOTO name from the receivers of the old ILFORD Imaging group by HARMAN technology Limited, a company created by former managers of the company and named after the founder of the ILFORD business, Alfred Harman.

    Since that time, ILFORD PHOTO has re-established its primary position in the global photographic market and has led the worldwide resurgence of black-and-white photography. It is now the only manufacturer that provides a full range of film, paper, photochemistry and ancillary products for this sector.

    YAY Illford!!!!!

  9. James says:

    Thanks for the video Daniel…your blog and the information you present have taken me over the edge…got me an Olympus XA and three rolls of Tri-X to start on my project.

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