I posted this image a long time ago, but I wanted to post it again. I made this image about 50 feet from where I’m sitting right now, in front of my computer at home. Just standing there looking at my neighbor’s pond, saw something interesting with the way the light was working and knew if I exposed a certain way I’d get this. Just goes to show you never know. Unexpected images in unexpected places. Want to print this in the darkroom.

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  1. Renze says:

    Ok, not a native speaker, so I might be wrong, but maybe you mean ‘suspense’? Suspension:
    Nice photo btw, they’re all nice in a group together and I like that you didn’t get any disturbing reflections in there.. although that also might’ve been interesting, but would’ve given you a totally different image.

    • Smogranch says:

      Renze ,

      Suspension means something hanging, or floating in this case. The reflections were handled by the exposure, exposing for the highlight instead of shadow.

  2. Mark says:

    My eyes see a nose, a forehead, and an arm. Am I just being weird?

  3. LionelB says:

    Two arms and a dagger actually.

  4. alison says:

    This is beautiful . a very pared back image. At first I did see other images (people bears and stuff!) Once my brain calmed down a bit I loved the layers ,the stillness , the way the fish were grouped together ,the fact there was no light except on the fish. its quite abstract in a way…..lovely

    Did you use a “Hasselblad ?” I saw the word in the tagging. I dont really know anything about them I shall look it up . You seem to have a liking for Leica`s! My father has a couple of old Leica`s in his attic . I remember that name from when I was A kid . He doesnt take photo`s anymore which I think is a shame.

    Do you mind If I ask you questions ? I don`t normally write on blogs to be honest!

    Sorry I rambling on a bit !

    • Smogranch says:

      The point of the blog is conversation, so ask away. If I can’t answer it you might get someone else in the comments who will take a crack at it. Yep, made with a Hasselblad, square format, 6×6 camera, very simple. A bit heavy, but durable and worth it.

  5. Alison says:

    Your probably going to wish you didnt say that ! Ive got quite a few questions I won`t bombard you with them all at once though!

    I`m learning to take photographs (as I said before) The thing is I`m not sure about which camera to buy. I`m taking pictues on a Nikkon D5001 (a friends) at the moment . Its not (too) complicated I need something fairly simple (I`m a bit of a techno phobe!) . Any suggestions please!

    Ive come across your site now full of Leica`s (and Hasseldblads )and I`m thinking this man really has a “THING “about Leica`s ! You speak of them like they are a breed a part ,almost like they are not a camera at all ! I am wrong ? What`s so special ?!

    • Smogranch says:


      Leicas are just different. They are not the most versatile of cameras, but for what they are designed for they are as good, or better, than anything I’ve used. Small, light, durable and the one I’m using doesn’t even need a battery. Lenses are very sharp, and the cameras are beyond simple. Leica is a lightning rod because there are A LOT of gear heads in photography who are more interested in the gear than they are the actual photography, so you have numbers of people who buy them, wear them, talk about them but rarely use them. No harm done. But, you also have some of the world’s best photographers using them.
      My advice about cameras is simple. Small, light and something you should plan on keeping and using for a long,long while. Too many people today are buying a new camera every year and wondering why their work isn’t any better. It just doesn’t work that way.

    • Alison says:

      Dan, I really appreciate your advice. You explain things very cleary, in simple , easy to understand (jargon-free) language . THANK YOU !

      Ive decided I `m going to keep clicking away with this Nikkon for a while until I feel a bit more confident. But when I`m ready I will definately look into a Leica . The fact they are simple to use is a MASSIVE bonus. Plus I dont want to have to carry a house brick around my neck .I would like to get something I can keep for as long as possible (forever preferably)A Leica does seem to tick all of the boxes . I shall have to have words with my father and see if he will let me try out one of his .

      . I have come across the “gear geeks” you mentioned on my travels around the internet. I have been reading alot and looking at a LOT of photographs . I think I`m getting the feel for the “fakers” (maybe thats a teeny bit harsh!) Anyway they usually use a lot of unessarily complicated technical terms.(I dont understand them anyway but i suppose thats not saying much really.)

      Thanks again for your help.

  6. LionelB says:

    Film cameras like the Leica are very simple as Daniel said, the complicated looking part is shutter speed and aperture. Shutter speed is set on the camera, for how long the shutter stays open. Aperture is the size of hole the light goes through. Get a roll of 200 colour from a pound shop and on a sunny day (the difficult bit !) turn the aperture to f16 and the speed as near to 200 as it will go (probably 250). Develop at a high street lab. This is ‘Sunny 16’ an easy way to remember. Everything doubles at each step. Next notch f11, next speed 500. Double the light, halve the shutter time. Quadruple the light, quarter the shutter time. Start by photographing UGLY things. It will make you think much more.

    • Smogranch says:

      I shot for the first year with the Sunny 16 rule.

    • alison says:

      Thank you so much…………………… LionelB I REALLY do appreciate your help. I will definately try the “Sunny 16”. It sounds a great way of learning how to use the camera .Not too complicated even for me . As you say the sun is probably the biggest problem. especially where I live (it`s grey 95% of the time!) Good excuse for a long holiday somewhere with some serious sunshine.

      I have been reading up about Leica`s trying to find out as much as I can. (doing my homework!) Now it`s a matter working out which is the best one for me , which one I can afford etc.

      Any suggestions,thoughts , anecdotes ,loans VERY welcome!

      Thanks again !

    • LionelB says:

      You can get a (happily but incomprehensibly unfashionable) Minolta X-300 complete with great 50mm lens in beautiful condition for just £60. There are good reasons to spend £2000 or more on Leica kit but using the Minolta first will show you which investment makes sense for you.

    • alison says:

      I don`t care if somethings`s unfashionable or not to be honest. I see what your saying about getting the Minolta first though. I shall check ot out now……………… Thankyou so much Lionel.

    • LionelB says:

      Google Newent.

    • Smogranch says:


      I agree with Lionel, just get something very inexpensive and then go use it for two or three years, every single chance you get.

    • alison says:

      sounds like a good idea ! thank `s

  7. Scott says:

    Love this. Had a koi pond in our backyard growing up. Makes me think of time spent with my dad..

    If prints ever become available, I want one.

  8. Scott says:

    Very cool. Please keep me updated.

    Enjoy your work. Have a good one.

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