The New “Smogranch” Bag

Feast your eyes on the prototype of the new “Smogranch” bag.

Handmade, hand-sewn in the wilds of Northern New Mexico. One bag, one photographer at a time. The leather comes from a tannery in Italy and is cured without acid. This leather has personality. Every time I look at this bag it looks different. Designed to be light, soft and simple. Take everything out and this bag rolls up tight or crushes down. It’s thin, simple and designed to hold ONLY the essentials. Slots on the inside and outside hold journal and iPad. Inside main pocket handles M rangefinder, audio recorder, sunglasses, wallet, small portfolio. Outside pockets hold film, pens, cards, music, etc. As you can see by the photos below, my “Smogranch” bag comes with a journal companion as well as a handmade internal “pouch” because I have so damn many loose ends. At home at work or at play, this bag will take you places you’ve never been and will do so in style. Not for the timid. Not for the weak. Boy bands, political pundits and safety freaks need not apply. This prototype was talked out, designed, cut, sewn and eventually born via the fingers of a true master as the moon shown full and the landscape did battle with the elements.

There are many slight changes in the works for this bag. A little more here, a little less there. Like anything organic, I must live with it, learn it and deliver it to the master once again.

Moments after sliding it over my shoulder for the first time the world took on new flavor. And faintly, in the distance, I could hear coyotes yipping and cackling just outside the light from the fire.

38 responses to “The New “Smogranch” Bag”

  1. Mark Olwick says:

    LOVE it! Definitely a drool-worthy addition. I’m sure it will give you a lifetime of companionship.

  2. Paul Joyce says:

    It looks fantastic and wonderful quality. I’m looking forward to seeing the photographs it inspires you to take.

    I have the feeling that putting your bag over the shoulder will be a similar feeling to a superhero putting on his cape and you’ll see a different view when you wear it. 🙂

  3. Dana Reed says:

    How wonderful. I love amazing bags like this. The leather as well as the thought that’s gone into the design are fantastic. As you mention it’s a prototype, do you have plans to make more and sell them?

  4. Lionelb says:

    Lionel is very much alive in a place of beautiful anarchy and warm, warm people. This season he is wearing a khaki canvas bag made by hand in England to last several lifetimes.
    To connect with people I am using my Ricoh (poor man’s M9). I am not suited to the flying visit, the whistle stop tour. I must find one hole and dig it deeper.
    There is so much to learn. I need more time than there is.

    • Smogranch says:


      I had dinner with a photographer last night. We were talking about documentary work and his line to me was, “Most of the great work took a long, long time to complete and at some point the photographer had to put everything in their life aside and JUST focus on the work.”

    • MarkusA says:

      “had to put everything in their life aside and JUST focus on the work.”

      So very, very true.

    • Smogranch says:


      Yep, not sure there is any other way.

    • Eric Labastida says:

      That’s how you make turn milk into cheese. HCB said it better.

    • Eric Labastida says:

      Jesus, i can’t write.

  5. Too much awesomeness. Is only lacking a whip and a hat.

  6. MarkusA says:

    Awesome bag Daniel – I loved the distressed look of worn leather.

  7. I saw this ‘baby’ first hand and I can say that it’s as cool as it looks.

  8. I want one!!!! Beautiful!!!

  9. Mathias says:

    In addition, this thing looks like those shoes again…

  10. Takki says:

    Simply and beautiful are being created Into true art

  11. Nam Tran says:

    Hi Dan,

    I don’t usually make comments like these, but I have to thank you. You have really inspired me. Through looking at your photographs I have projected myself into a new way of thinking and standard for my own photographs. Just wanted to say thank you for that!

  12. Brian Miller says:

    But how does the bag smell? It HAS to smell right too!

  13. joe dupont says:

    Beautiful bag, Dan. I have never seen one with quite so much personality.

  14. Lefse says:

    Stunning! Looks quite functional too. I bet there’s a decent market for that one. Would it be ok to suggest shorter flops for the outside pockets? And maybe, perhaps, an inner lining of some sort to prevent raw leather bits from rubbing off onto stuff (like glass).

    I’ll get one based on looks alone. Hehe.

  15. hannah kozak says:

    I love that it doesn’t look like a camera bag. The distressed leather is solidly beautiful. Can’t wait to see more about this.

  16. Quinton says:

    Why do I think the wait list to buy this bag with be longer then for a Summilux lens…

  17. Beautiful bags, love the site!!

  18. I bought a Moleskine leather notebook cover at Colson&Keane a few months ago. Amazing products! I really like the vintage look and smell of leather. I’m looking forward to the official release of this camera bag. Please, keep us informed.

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