Brussels Express

Okay people, you know my lust of all things bike. This means you will have to suffer through posts VOID of anything photographic. However, think of the cinematography of this film, eat some tranquilizers and get your ass off the couch and ride your bike. I actually had NO idea that Brussels was this bad. I lump that entire region of the world into something along these lines…..“tall, blond people, three day work week, lots of weed, bikes everywhere, really cold, fish for breakfast, lots of cigarettes, funny languages.” The concept of traffic choked motorways and smog, not so much. Good to know Southern California is influencing the rest of the world.

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  1. Eric Labastida says:

    Great film. I can’t believe the main messenger guy rides a fixie with NO brakes. More people should ride though

  2. Reiner says:

    Dan, thanks for showing my country’s capital city through the eyes of the couriers. No brakes is only for Fixie Kings. Outmost respect… Rode fix for 3 years myself, a good way to get to the highest fitness level ever reached in your cycling life!

    • Smogranch says:

      The fixie thing is really odd. Any bike is a cool bike in my mind but the clan like atmosphere around the fixie world is still strange to me. But, more power to them.

    • Max T says:

      I guess it’s the same reason why people like us enjoy shooting with a fully manual Leica – it’s straight and simple, no frills.

    • Smogranch says:


      Yep, a single gear, less to go wrong. I want a Ti bike that will last forever, something super simple and strong that I can setup as a road bike or tour bike, that way I can basically have one bike for any road related ride. Of course they are 5k. BUMMER

  3. Maarten says:

    Great film, loved to see it. A lot of fixies and other cool bikes in Amsterdam, not only used by couriers.

  4. Great story! I have been many times in Brussels and I always use the metro because of the traffic. I believe it is high time for people to rediscover the good old bicycle or at least that they try out the new e-bikes as an alternative to the car.

    Apropos cycling and photojournalism, I want to share the link to the dutch photographer who has photographed the major road races in Africa. (Hot Splinters of Glass and Giro d’Eritrea)

  5. Great movie. Had no idea traffic was so bad there. Only been to one EU meeting during my stint working for the Government.

    No brake-Fixies are the ultimate beast to conquer, plenty of them here too. Copenhagen is the ultimate bicycle town – Where Bikes Rule the World.

  6. Interesting movie! I hadn’t seen this one. Thanks for sharing. I live just outside Brussels, I know the traffic problems as I’m sometimes stuck in them myself, but only like 5 times a year or so. Thankfully I don’t work there. Public transport is also crowded which isn’t very comfortable and pleasant to use during traffic hours either.

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