Poem from Mom: Web

Mom just casually dropped this one on me.

Seeking shelter and a place to rest a poem unable to be written weaves in and out my thoughts. I keep thinking you better get it in print or it will find the wind and find no home with you. The sad thing is no one else in the world has it and if you don’t sprinkle it on the page it will become dust on the dirt road of time. The shiny poem pleads with you to take care of it. Shed all that tries to keep you away from it. Do it!

shimmering shiny silver silken threads

driven by the wind

webs hanging on the lifeless fence

randomly swaying to and fro

because they

like mama found no easy place

loose ends


reaching wildly frantically

finding eyes that couldn’t let go

fascinating rhythm of the earth

unnoticed until

she walked through them

webs on her face and arms

she let me imagine

what the sunlight could bring

as it came through the woods

she found time to see them

time to embrace

what she wanted to be woven

through the cloth of our lives

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