New Kman Book: Blurb 6×9

Go ahead and say it. “I can’t believe you made another book.”


But I have REASONS for doing this. Cut me some slack. One of the best things I get to do with a camera is photograph my family. Not all of my clan is willing to spend time before my lens, but the little ones do because I am bigger than they are and they still think I have control over them, at least to some degree. This will all change soon, so I must be quick, steady and relentless.

So the little guy in this book, Kman, is no stranger to this blog, but what IS new is that the Kman is now walking the Earth with a camera in hand. Yep, it’s true. Named and unnamed sources are reporting that he has been seeing walking, talking and photographing. In fact, sources are reporting that film has been processed and the results were surprisingly pleasant. There was rumored to be direction in the images, thought and a point of view. Time will tell, but it is my job to help the process along. So, as I write this I am feverishly hunting for a Nikon FM2 and 35mm lens, the exact rig I started with, and a box of film sits on my kitchen table ready to be shipped.

I didn’t create this book for me, I created it for HIM.
This book is for him to study, to remember and to use to help understand the photographic process. What did it FEEL like to be photographed? Why did I shoot color black and white? Where was the light coming from? All things he can figure after spending a little time with this book.

This is a Blurb, 6×9 color softcover. A good mix of black and white and color as well as a multitude of formats. All I did was pull a selection of photographs from an eight-year time frame. What sucks for me is knowing that because I live in California I’ve missed so much of his life. I have gaping holes in the coverage, something that drives any photographer crazy. But, this is the reality for now. Have a look and let me know what you think.

8 responses to “New Kman Book: Blurb 6×9”

  1. LionelB says:

    Most people making a book will say “I am paying for all this space so I should make sure I fill it”. Most people buying a book will say “I paid all that money for a book and just look – it is full of empty pages !” Just as silence is every bit as important as sound, those big expanses of uninterrupted space make the book. Empty has value. Nicely demonstrated Daniel.

    • Smogranch says:


      That sentiment actually flows across all fields of humanity. I’ve shown those books to plenty of photographers who have said, “Hey, you missed a page.” Book design is like an onion…layers and layers of history, specifics and style. I have only BEGUN to scratch the surface.

  2. Brian Miller says:

    Dude, your hands!! Gristled, weathered, worked: the signs of a hardworking man! 😉
    Love this book! I made one of these for my nephew’s highschool baseball career. Great fun! Can’t wait to see what the K Man is shooting.

  3. mike a says:

    Daniel makes another book. Good, keep making them. You do such a wonderful job with them. I’m going to make one once I figure out how. And leave your hands alone, you’re a dude.

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