27 responses to “The Leica File: Five”

  1. Rob Oresteen says:

    Gorgeous shot Dan, but it’s tough to look at it up side down…sharp angles I can handle, but this is a bit much!

  2. Brilliant shot Dan, I also really like the cropped version that’s in Manifesto. As for the angle, crooked is the new straight, I like it!

  3. Sean says:

    Just bought my first Leica (M6). I absolutely love it.

  4. Erin Wilson says:

    Love the way you can take this image in in multiple ways… as a surfing image, but also as an abstract study in tones. It’s beautiful.

  5. dj says:

    Would love to see the North Shore Journal!

  6. Ryan says:

    Nice shot Dan, a unique perspective! Like the grain, did you shoot at 3200 or pull it back?

  7. I like it. Far far away from stock photography, thank god.

  8. Takki says:

    Great portrait ! Love the mood and the feel of it

  9. Paul says:

    Dan, a random Q: do you process your tri-x yourself or send it out? Do you scan from tri-x negs or from darkroom prints?

    • Smogranch says:


      I do both depending on what I’m doing. Quantity of film, deadline, etc, probably goes to lab. I’m setting up a darkroom in NM as we speak, so I’ll be running most of the 35mm B&W myself. Lab scans film as do I.

  10. mike a says:

    Interesting photo Daniel, I like it. Does anybody else the the face in the photo made by the surfer and the wave or do I need to put down the crack pipe.

  11. dj says:

    nice work Dan- can’t wait for the post on NSJ- and the makings of NSJ !

  12. eric labastida says:

    This shot reminds me of the image they used for call of duty black ops. Minus the .45’s of course.

  13. Kike says:

    Hope all is well on your end Mr. Dan. I like this surfing shot my friend. Good energy to you.

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