The New Mexico Project

For those of you who are frequent visitors to the ranch I wanted to bring something else to your attention. I recently started a new site based on my ongoing project in New Mexico. Aptly titled, “The New Mexico Project” this site brings a real time look at how I’m approaching this story, and what actually happens along the way. Stills, motion, audio recordings, Blurb Mobile stories, copy, journals…..ALL OF IT.

Now, this idea is very much a departure for me. I normally don’t really show anyone what I’m doing until the project is complete, so sharing feels strange. I’m doing this not for me, nor for you for that matter. I’m doing this to try and get those IN the photographs involved with the project. I have to say, the fact this never occurred to me before is a bit embarrassing, and points to the fact that as a photographer, often times, one needs to be pretty self-centered, just to be able to get things done, at least in the photo-world. Well, as you know, I’m not really a part of the photo-world now, at least in the commercial sense, so I can do things I could not afford to do before.
It struck me one day as I was working in Espanola(small town north of Santa Fe) but my mind was focused on galleries, magazines, publishers, etc, I realized that if the project were to come to light, and I did a show in New York or Los Angeles, the people LEAST likely to ever see it or interact with it were the people right in front of my camera. I realized that WHEN this project is complete, it needs to be shown IN THE PLACES I’M MAKING THE IMAGES.
So, this is the first step.
A favor if you’ll pardon me. If you like the site, hit the follow button and follow along. If you feel like reblogging, then do so, and if not no big deal.
The images in this post are screen grabs of “typical” content.


4 responses to “The New Mexico Project”

  1. mike a says:

    i’m digging it

  2. Brendan says:

    Surprised more people haven’t commented on this- it’s a real pleasure to get so close to how you actually work on a project, as it grows and evolves. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Smogranch says:

      I kinda knew this wouldn’t get a lot of comments. I’m not really sure people know what to do with it. I’m not sure either. For me, it’s the most interesting thing I’ve done online maybe ever. But, it’s nowhere near where it needs to be. MUCH more in the works. Also, a new FB page “The New Mexico Project,” trying to find a way to link it all together.

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