Hong Kong Dispatches: Day Seven

Yesterday was a day or semi-relaxation, spending time with local friends and watching as the sky opened and flooded the Hong Kong streets. The real rain starts in June, but this was a nice sample of what is to come. Central Hong Kong was closed down as the streets filled with groups of Filipino women who sat playing cards, eating, etc. I slowly made my way through the streets, shooting the occasional portrait, but mostly just taking things in. The rains came in the afternoon so we ducked into a cafe and had drinks while the skies opened up. Dinner with friends.

MP_Hong_Kong_Day_Seven from Smogranch on Vimeo.

4 responses to “Hong Kong Dispatches: Day Seven”

  1. Glad you’re having fun, Dan! Hope you get over that cold or whatever soon. I’m enjoying hearing your voice and seeing your images too!

  2. Beatuiful photographs! I loved the one of the guy with the yellow tie and the microphone. The composition seems off, but the longer you look the more logic it seems, balanced by the people in the background, the microphone and of course the tie:) Oboyoboy, looks like you are leading the vote!

    • Smogranch says:

      A miracle I think, or a Facebook virus. Thanks for writing and voting, truly appreciate that.
      I shot the preacher precisely that way. WAnted to bring you into the hand more than anything else.

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