First Book with Bookify

So this small sample is my first book using the Bookify application recently introduced by Blurb. Bookify is the online application for creating a book. I know there was much demand for this, and after tinkering with it while making this sample…my mind is racing with all the potential uses. Up until this point, your options for creating a book with Blurb were to utilize either Booksmart, the download software, or using something like InDesign to create a PDF. Now we have another option. Making a book with Bookify is streamlined, but I see this as a help more than anything else. For me, I’ve got to get better at InDesign because I want to utilize that more for the future, but at the same time I love the ability to make something quick and easy, and online. This is a perfect way to share small bodies of work, or collaborate with someone in another location.

If you haven’t checked it out, just to to Blurb and give it a go.

PS: If you haven’t noticed, this is a small dose of work from Panama, all color, all 35. This is not a book I’m intending to sell or promote, it was just a sample book to test out Bookify. I am working on a portfolio book from Panama, until another title, but will also not try to market or sell that book. Just wanted to make something that represents my trip.

PSS: You can click on the full screen button if you want to see the book at that size.

11 responses to “First Book with Bookify”

  1. Smogranch says:

    For me Panama is something I’m trying to forget…in a way. I’m trying to forget it because it is so good. I know I can’t go back anytime soon, so I would rather just make a portfolio, be able to look at it, relive it, and then forget it!
    You on the other hand, much more invested. It is only a matter of time before it finds the right home.

  2. That cover is fabulous! Makes me love Panama too. I may have to give Bookify a try.

  3. Paul Gero says:

    looks very cool…can you run full bleed double trucks?

    • Smogranch says:

      Yes but you would have to work it the same way you do now in Booksmart, either drag same image in twice or cut it in half and import both halves. I do both depending on how I feel.

  4. Paul Gero says:

    thanks Danno for the heads up on

  5. Rorie Kaplan says:

    i love the panama book dan. your books are unique and tell the story.

    • Smogranch says:

      Thanks Rorie,

      That is just a sample too, so a bigger, better book is on the way….at some point, probably next year. It will be a portfolio really.

  6. marco says:

    Hey Daniel,
    Greetings from NYC. I was just wondering what kind of film and camera you used for this book ( m6 I suppose ). Colors are just wonderful !

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