Dinner Notes

Hmm, strange meat in an Orange County restaurant. Strange beer too.

As you can see, I’m a health buff. Lean and mean. Except when I’m here. This reminds me of Cologne, of the darkened room filled with older Germans eyeing us like we stumbled in the wrong strange meat place.

Maybe we did. But to our defense, they all looked strange. And probably still do. Maybe it was our lack of knee high socks and ornate jackets?

Sports on the television? Techno on the house stereo? Was that real? No, not this time.

I’ll be back.

4 responses to “Dinner Notes”

  1. Reiner says:

    Hi Dan,

    ‘strange beer’? you came across the nicest belgian beer ever produced in this hemisphere: the chimay trappist, the king of beers which is dark&strong 9°(blue cap), the sunny one which is amber trippel (white cap) and the daily drinker brown(7°)
    Americans looooooove them I was told by one of your fellow countrymen. Cheers!

  2. Smogranch says:

    Yes, you nailed. A little sweet and thick for me, but coupled with the dog it was perfect. Experimenting with beer is an art form in my book.

  3. This is my one of my favorite beers, you do have to watch the alcohol content on these european beers as Reiner mentioned. Last spring I ate lunch with my wife and was planning to photograph the rest of the afternoon. I was told I had to try the aventinus eisbock so they brought me this huge glass and the first sip was like a slap in the face (it was 12 per cent alcohol!). I essentially had the equivalent of a bottle of wine and a sandwich for lunch. After we ate I went out and drank an entire can of warm pepsi and after a few hours of brisk walking I was sober enough to drive home (and a few of the pictures were actually decent).

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