Indie Photobook Library

Loyal Readers,

Wanted to alert you to the official arrival of the Indie Photobook Library.

This library is the brainchild of Larissa Leclair, Washington DC based photography book mastermind.

I highly recommend you looking at the archive, making books and making submissions.

This is just ONE example of where the archive will be and where you work could be seen.

The iPL is pleased to be part of the Flash Forward Festival’s “Self-Published Book Expo.” Watch this space for a list of the books to be on display in Toronto from October 6-10, 2010. The iPL has teamed up with Self Publish, Be Happy and there will be an evening of great programming on Saturday October 9 from 4-6pm. See you there!

The iPL will be accepting photobook submissions at the Flash Forward Festival. If you have a book that should be part of the iPL bring it with you to the festival.

And just so you know, I have made a contribution, shown below. This book took a short time to create and has been one of the most successful promotional pieces I’ve done. So, something else for you to think about.

My advice is to browse the archive, taking into consideration the size of the books, the edition of the books, the method of production, etc. There is a RANGE of books which really gets my creative juices flowing. Not to mention, look at how many collaboration books are there. Also something that gets me thinking….

Check the list of locations where Larissa will be, like the Flash Forward Festival, Photoweek DC, etc, and go and see in person what this archive has to offer.

I have to say, I’m jazzed anytime someone makes the effort to preserve the fruits of our labors and our creativity.

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