There is no possible way to wear a fanny pack and look cool. Not that looking cool is really that important, but when you strap on one of these belt busting back savers, you are taking your creative life in your own hands.

So I use a fanny pack when I shoot weddings. I do. I admit it. And typically what I do to break the ice is make fun of myself, to the client, so that they know that I know just how silly I look. Until now, my healthy back was what ruled the day, but after seeing this image, I’m not sure I can hold out any longer.

Perhaps knifing back pain IS better than public humiliation. Maybe if I paired the pack with shorts and black socks? A tank top? Anything? Something?

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    • smogranch says:

      Hey, I like it. I now have a really small shoulder bag as well. Well, a lot of people call it my “man bag,” but I still say it is a purse.

  1. I’ve been using the Think Tank Urban Disguise 40. Great quailty construction. More protection than the courier bags I’ve seen, but much less “rigid” than a normal camera bag. May be overkill for a Leica system. I am shooting Nikon F100, F3 & N90 with 24, 35, 50 & 85 primes + lightmeter and film.

    • smogranch says:

      I keep hearing a lot of good things about the Think Tank stuff. I normally use Tenba bags, so I gotta check what they have in the FANNY range.

  2. Michael Erb says:

    I’m just curious what the non-fanny options are that lead to knifing back pain?

    My wife and I bought over the shoulder packs at TJ Max for $10 that work pretty well. Aside from making us look like trendy high schoolers from 8 years ago, they work pretty good. I still haven’t found the right run and gun bag yet.

    • smogranch says:

      Hey Michael,

      Not sure about your history but I’ve carried a bag for about 15 years now and my back is in full revolt….at times. So, on an eight hour day, depending on what gear I’m using, it can be on fire. A fanny pack, for me, has been great, but there is no doubt it looks somewhat ridiculous. I don’t really care, but a good shoulder bag is nice to have. I use a bag which was given to me by a friend, a very small, very simple bag that holds one Leica, a few rolls of film, my wallet, phone, flashlight, and an odd assortment of crap I think I have to have.

  3. Paul Gero says:

    dan…the think tank lens changer 3 and lens changer 2 would probably work well for you…you can drape them over your shoulder like a messenger bag, strap is incredible — it’s at the top of my list now…i just can’t wear the bum bags (as my wife calls them, fanny means something else to a south african ;-)) because after a full day THEY make my back sore–go figure…not to mention the negative looks from the fashion police.

  4. Dan, checkout the Think Tank Change-up 130. It’s a kind of transformer of bags. It’s a funny pack, but also has 2 should straps and can be used in front or in back distributing weight over to the hips, and can be used with one strap as well. It’s been a great bag for me… and does not look as bad 🙂

    • smogranch says:


      Long time no see! Hope you are doing well. I’ll check it out. Not sure what I’m going to do with my bag situation.

  5. Dennis says:

    I so agree with this!

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