So I shot a roll, backed it out, left the leader out.

Gave the roll to Michael Napper. He loaded it, shot it, processed it.


I shot on the North Shore of Oahu. He shot in urban Los Angeles.



A strange brew of landscape, oceanscapes and the rigidity of the urban world. I might have posted a few of these a long while back, but was just uploading them to Flickr and thought I would share them here.



This is one of the great things about going through my archive and finding things to upload to Flickr. I don’t put most of my “major” work on Flickr, for many different reasons, but a lot of work I have, that I have never shown, is fun to get out there. It’s time consuming to go through it, and I don’t consider Flickr and archive by any means, but it is nice to begin the sorting process for the day when I finally come up with an idea of how I AM going to do my archive.

8 responses to “Collaboracion”

  1. sarah says:

    wow, this is awesome.

  2. David Wissinger says:

    I was wondering how you got the frames to line up…but you didn’t, which isn’t obvious at first. Cool idea with some nice (unexpected?) results. The one with Marilyn just plain works!

  3. Larry says:

    Really creative way to look at things. As with David it took a bit to realize these didn’t all line up because they look so well planned. Nice!

  4. smogranch says:

    I just Photoshopped them. Kidding!

  5. 6by6press says:

    beautiful works, love it. my fave is no#1 and no#3…

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