Damn Dogs

I’m a total sucker for dogs and making pictures of dogs.


As many of you know, I’ve done four books on dogs, in a series titled “Dogs Can’t Read,” which I traveled to four cities around the world to photograph the juxtaposition of dogs and graffiti.

Yes, I wandered the streets of Tijuana, New York, Paris and Palermo, on my own, and compiled these babies.

Face it, the only thing easier to photography than a dog is a smiling baby. But I still can’t stop myself. Embrace the cliche Danny. And I do.

This little jobbie is from San Diego, a moment right before sunset. Wandering alone, waiting, watching. And then I see the damn dogs, at the beach, without leash, and I can’t imagine finding a happier creature.

I think the dog thinks that each day is his or her last on Earth, so they live with an excitement we can only dream of. A lesson to be learned there I believe.

My dog books are here: DOGS CAN’T READ

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