Photo Advice from Mom

The joy in your heart from the new right camera, place, subject will carry through to the pictures you take. Everything is chance and nothing is chance. The camera is the extension of you and the fit will be there shining through what you do. The excitment of maybe this it, what I have been looking for, what has been lurking there from the beginning, laying in wait to be discovered. A part of you you knew was there, and just hadn’t found it yet. Knowing it was there somewhere and having found it after searching so long. When it all comes together you know it. The end of a search the beginning of the find. Only for you, no one else can lay claim to it. It is the perfect still life, the circle around the photographer, his camera and film and the subject. Atlast.

2 responses to “Photo Advice from Mom”

  1. Mei-Chun says:

    your mom’s writings are simply lovely.

  2. SmogRanch says:

    Thank you for saying that. I will let her know.

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