Jim McHugh Show at Pacific Design Center

Jim McHugh is a cool guy. I met him years ago, in a situation I really had little business being a part of, and he was just cool right off the bat.
Jim shoots a lot. For profit yes, and big jobs, but also on his own. I can remember being out in Palm Springs one year and watched as he opened the back of his vehicle. Out rolled boxes of film, paper, polaroid refuse, and other photo garbage. It looked like a homeless photo person was living in this vehicle.
That little moment told me a lot about Jim. And now I know him a little better as we have spent a little more time around each other.
So, at the moment, he has a show at The Pacific Design Center in LA. It’s a different show, “difficult to curate” in his own words. A blend of his personal polaroid work and portrait work.
If I was going to secretly take one piece, I would take the David Hockney portrait. I love it.

I can sum Jim up in another way. Say your at party, or opening, and he says to you, “Okay, I gotta go, I really gotta go this time.”

A half hour later, he will still be there, talking photography, images, etc. It’s in his blood.

These snaps are of his show in LA, and of Jim giving Herman Leonard a quick tour.

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