Dream A Little Dream

Email to a friend:

“I had a dream I was on the football field during a college game. I wasn’t IN the game, but was in the huddle and on the field, right in the middle of the action. The only thing was the field wasn’t flat, it was sharply inclined, and very short. One team was playing uphill and getting killed. The other playing downhill, with speed and force. I just remember yelling,” Geezzzz,” as these guys came by me at breakneck speed, pads and bones snapping. I had no helmet or pads, and each play would run for my life. Then suddenly, I was back in the huddle waiting for the next snap of the ball and my possibly death. I think I’ll write this up, send it out and see if anyone else has had this same dream. I woke exhausted and wondering, “Why me?”

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