The Gamer

I have an older brother and sister. My brother, six years older, was always better, faster, stronger, etc, as to be expected. Sis wasn’t much on the sport scene, but she cheated me at Monopoly, cards, and anything she could, so she proved her mettle in ways other than sport.

My point is I know what it is like to have older siblings.

This little package of dynamite also has an older sibling, but she is a GAMER! This girl can play and has some wicked skills not to mention some attitude. I think having an older sibling really pushes her, and it shows in her ability to play soccer and the other sports she enjoys.

I think she scored five or six goals in ONE game.

We have made some sport pictures in the past, over the years actually, but I like some of these recent pictures of her, which are more subdued. Quiet moments.

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